Contibuted by sMacshot.

She had this to say about it:
On another tiny side street in the neighborhood, a building, padlocked, held up with beautiful red columns, allows its doors to provide the easel for Street Art. These works, peeling and stained, (just like the structure upon which its modern paste clings) combine with the building to form two creations; each reminiscent of a time period other than today’s, defying the elements and boldly facing the brevity of life and spirit.



Last one for the day. Contributed by alex itin, from Brooklyn.

He had this to say: “… this painting will no doubt change, but I wanted a record of it as a thought on buildings.”

Lovely piece of art inspired by the city.

This photo, taken by Robb Bennett, zooms in on a detail of a massive pice that takes up an entire block accross the street from the MOMA, in NYC. It was taken in 2004, so things could have changed…