The happy winner!!!
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Andreina took home the 3rd place in the Mixed Media category of the Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts, which started today and goes on until tomorrow, Sunday at 5 pm.

We had the great company of Edgard and Loly late in the day (and Camila and Riley earlier): it meant a lot for us! We are super-happy: this is her first outdoors art festival!!

Check out a slideshow with photos of the booth setup and moments throughout the day.

If you cannot make it tomorrow, you can always visit Evolve Art Studio (Andreina’s web site), through which you can check out her work and order some originals and a number of limited edition fine prints.


I won’t deny it: I am incredibly proud of Andreina, my wife. She is an Experimental Media Artist and this past Thursday, she had her first ever Art Show at Dandelion Communitea Cafe, in Orlando.

You can look into her work in her deviant art page and buy from her through her Etsy Store. The piece above can be purchased there as a print: it’s called gReen.

strongman – a tribute to Bansky

This Photoshop-born stencil art was done by Mat Giordano, a great artist I have the fortune to work with every day.

Check out his work at

Piece by RIC, from GO (Graffiti Orlando)

I was fortunate enough to run into RIC and his friends from GO (Graffiti Orlando) this past Saturday. They were doing the entire south wall of the Pho Restaurant once more (Mills Ave, close to Colonial -in Orlando, FL). These guys make the Orlando street art scene be on part with the world’s most exciting urban spaces…

 Visit RIC’s Myspace page at

RG Lacandola came up with this amazing design. It’s now getting picked up for T-Shirt designs and tattoos. Nice job, RG!

I didn’t know until today that the art for the most recent Smashing Pumpkins album, “Zeitgeist”, was the work of Shepard Fairey…


I was fortunate enough to run into this sticker of the OBEY campaign, by Shepard Fairey, during a recent trip to South Miami Beach, FL. Shepard Fairey has diabetes, in case you didn’t know.

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