July 2007

I didn’t know until today that the art for the most recent Smashing Pumpkins album, “Zeitgeist”, was the work of Shepard Fairey…



I was fortunate enough to run into this sticker of the OBEY campaign, by Shepard Fairey, during a recent trip to South Miami Beach, FL. Shepard Fairey has diabetes, in case you didn’t know.

The Pincushion Effect

This incredible piece (titled “The Pincushion Effect”) was posted on Flickr by duisburgbunny. It touched me deeply because I have diabetes type 1 and I am an insulin pump user.

While it’s not really an urban art piece, it pretty much combines the elements that people with diabetes (particularly those on an insulin pump) employ on a regular basis to manage their condition.

I want to take the opportunity to invite anybody reading this space to join TuDiabetes.com, a growing global community for people touched by diabetes. See you there!

I work with a Six Foot Giraffe… well, it’s not actually a six-foot tall giraffe, but rather an incredible artist who goes by the monicker Six Foot Giraffe. His name is Kyle Smith and he went to school for Digital Art and Design, here at Full Sail.

Now, he works as an Illustrator in our Publishing Team (the good people that put our Course Materials together). I just LOVE his style: it’s got a very raw and urban feel to it.

See what you think. Check out his work at SixFootGiraffe.com