April 2007


Sad truth… In French, it reads “Your papers, please.” Contributed by DEUG.


“Unidos pela Musica”

How to pass this one up? “United by Music”, another gorgeous contribution from the Portuguese Geo-Tracked Graffiti Project.

Big Graffiti

Another huge piece from Lisbon. Contributed by the Portuguese Geo-Tracked Graffiti Project.

the city of sofia

A couple of pieces by BoZ, from Spain. Contributed by shunzan.

grafites | sp

Powerful… very powerful. Contributed by ndrC!.

La era del hombre máquina

LOVE this stencil! Very Banksy. Contributed by Dr Case.

бул. левски, срещу академията

I don’t know what it says in the title, but I had to add this to the collection, because I never see anything from Bulgaria. Contributed by shunzan

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