December 2006

You can be a lover of graffiti or street art. You can be a sucker for propaganda and posters. Regardless, you are bound to enjoy Supply and Demand. In a coffee-table book format, it takes you through the evolution of the ‘Obey’ concept that made Shepard Fairey a legend in his own right in the world of urban art, from the early days when the figure of Andre The Giant was self-evident to the more recent evolutions of the concept, derived from it and incorporating gradually more Soviet-like design elements. More than just a nice book packed with great illustrations loaded with color, it is a reference of the evolution of an urban artist.


Peel Here ’06 Show

Amazing set of 4 stenciled vynil sticker sheets, contributed (and submitted) by EnikOne. From his Flickr entry:

King Pacal Votan 603-683 A.D.
He is revered as the chief engineer who guided the Mayan mission of inscripting stone monuments with precise astronomical and astrological information during his reign in the 10th Baktun (435-830 AD).
Known as a magician of time, he understood mathematics, or numbers, as a type of language that transcends the subjectivity of human verbal experience. His sentiment “All is number. *God is a number. God is in All.” is an intriguing way to catalogue the Maya’s message that we are intimately linked with and informed by the Galaxy. All of life is ordered by the same basic, re-occurring patterns.
*In the Yucatec Mayan language, the word “Hunab Ku” means Source
– The One, Giver of Movement and Measure, the galactic core, “God”.

{explosive simian}

Stencil from Caracas (Los Palos Grandes), contributed by Rorro.

ruta del bronceado

Some great sticker art from Chile, contributed by aleino.

If you happen to be in Miami over the weekend, don’t miss the Art | Basel event taking place. One of the exhibitors in it will be Jose Parla, a Miami native whose work speaks volumes about street art…


Amazing piece contributed by littlegirllost, from East L.A.