June 2006

Stencil shot, contributed by Mr Case.


For the one coming.

Contributed by Rorro.

Contributed by Mr Case

Contributed by Petite Poupée7.

Found this while digging for Graffiti-related posts on digg.com. Some interesting shots of pieces in a place where you wouldn’t expect them.

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Painted in a wall in Tachira, Venezuela. My family is close to that area just about now. I remember walls like this one all over the place as I was growing up in Venezuela.

Contributed by ruurmo.

Contibuted by sMacshot.

She had this to say about it:
On another tiny side street in the neighborhood, a building, padlocked, held up with beautiful red columns, allows its doors to provide the easel for Street Art. These works, peeling and stained, (just like the structure upon which its modern paste clings) combine with the building to form two creations; each reminiscent of a time period other than today’s, defying the elements and boldly facing the brevity of life and spirit.