May 2006


Last one for the day. Contributed by alex itin, from Brooklyn.

He had this to say: “… this painting will no doubt change, but I wanted a record of it as a thought on buildings.”

Lovely piece of art inspired by the city.


This grumpy bear seems to dislike the happy elephant.

Contributed by valentinova_r.

Loved this character. He seems fun and makes you want to give him a big hug!

Contributed by valentinova_r.


Contributed by Mr. Case (he also designed the sticker).

El Gris es Aburrido on Destroyed Diva

Contributed by Mr. Case (he also designed the stencil).

Contributed by SuperMarina.

I’m not impressed as much by the quality of this drawing as I am by the fact that it, quite probably, was made in a hurry, trying not to be discovered and in the darkness before dawn…what could its author do if they had enough time and no pressure?

Contributed by Rorro.

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